(Late) Christmas Greetings from Bitte and Bengt

Christmas 2020 will, just as Christmas 1918, be remembered in the collective memory. The COVID-19 virus has changed the foundations of our traditions and family life. We are avoiding physical contacts, also with those we are usually meeting frequently, visiting and inviting to our home. The only person we are living close to is Bitte's youngest son Christian, living by himself here in Norrkoping, and sometimes in our house and frequently supporting us with dog walks and such things. In our close community we have also Bengt's youngest son Johan with wife Jing Liu (born in China) and their 10 months old daughter Jasmine, nick name Chao Moli, Bengt's first grandchild. Bitte will soon catch up as she is expecting her first grandchild this May.
In our community we look upon the restrictions as very significant. We were spending Christmas Eve in our house with Christian and Johan's family. Bitte's older son Mathias spent Christmas with his wife Emma in their rented summer cottage about 250 miles south of here. On their way there by car from Stockholm they made a short stop here, and we had a short outdoor paarty, standing opposite sides of the table. We had also a digital zoom meeting with them the day before Christmas Eve. In Sweden Christmas Eve is the main day for Christmas celebration (presents, St Claus, XMas dinner, etc).
Neither for us now nor Bengt's paternal grandmother, Bertha, in 1918, Christmas was normal. In November her husband Manfred, 27 years old, was sick and after one week he passed away in what later became known as the Spanish Flew. Also one of their sons, Bror, two years old, met with the same. Bertha was at that time pregnant with their fourth child, a son born some month later. However, also he passed away,in meningitis one year later. Really a difficult situation for Bertha, with two yong children left and a small farm to make her living from. We, in our generation, are considering our present situation to be difficult and cumbersome, but we are, as always, extremely previleged in comparison to what almost all previous generations have met. Here we expect to get a vaccine within a few months, and to be back in the for us normal confident comfortable situation. We will be able to meet again, at our or your place and maintain our contacts!

In the current temporary darkness we are wishing you
A Happy New Year 2021, and we are looking forward to be able to meet again!

For Powerpoint Photos from 2020, click: Photo Collage 2020

Bitte Sundin and Bengt Lennartsson in Norrkoping, Sweden